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International Book Contests

Joining a book-related contest or striving to become an award-winning author can be a great way to gain recognition for your work and connect with other writers and industry professionals. These contests and awards often offer valuable opportunities for networking, promotion, and career advancement. By participating in these events, you can gain exposure for your writing, receive feedback from judges and peers, and potentially win prizes or accolades that can help you take your career to the next level. Whether you are a seasoned author or just starting, entering book-related contests and awards can be a rewarding experience that can help you grow and succeed as a writer.

Sweetspire Literature Management is an affiliate of various International Book Contests such as Book to Screen to Book to Film and can even your Screenplay contests! 

We accept manuscripts, published and unpublished books, eBooks, audiobooks, comic books, poetry books and short stories in 150+ genres! The only requirement is your Book and Screenplay be written in English. 

The affiliate International Book competitions receive thousands of entries from all over the world. Because of these large submission numbers, we can break down our contest into 150+ genres; each genre is judged separately, ensuring you only compete against books of your specific genre for a fairer and more accurate competition. 

International Book Awards ( Miami Florida)

International Book Awards is an annual book competition that receives submissions from independent authors, small publishers, and publishing giants such as Random House, HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster, with contestants that range from first-time, self-published authors to New York Times bestsellers like J.A. Jance, James Rollins, and #1 best-selling author Daniel Silva, as well as celebrity authors like Jim Carrey (Bruce Almighty), Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek) and Henry Winkler (Happy Days).



Book to Film and Script to Film Competition

The Annual Book to Film and Script to Film Competition is your gateway to getting your projects financed and produced. We understand the challenges that aspiring author’s face, so our competition is designed to provide extensive support and collaboration to our finalists from development to production. Our affiliated team of experienced executives will not only assist with their selected script but also provide guidance for future projects.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION:  SEPTEMBER 1st ( Script to Film) August 15th ( Book to Film)


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