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Annual Short Script Competition

The Annual Short Script Competition is your gateway to getting your projects financed and produced. We understand the challenges that author's with screenplay face, so our competition is designed to provide extensive support and collaboration to our finalists from development to production. The team of experienced executives will not only assist with their selected script but also provide guidance for future projects.

We welcome scripts from all genres, whether they are intended as proof-of-concept or standalone shorts. With our 20+ years of experience in discovering new screenwriters and screenplays to endorse, we have honed our hands-on development process and industry introductions to ensure that both emerging and seasoned writers and directors receive personalized assistance in all aspects of their craft.

The main mission of this competition is to nurture and promote the selected talent for long-term success. Therefore, the winners and finalists of our competition will be awarded several exciting opportunities.

What's in it for Winner and Finalist?

  • $5,000 to winner

  • Extensive development from our affiliate executive team, including feature script development (if applicable)

  • Industry circulation to specific management and producing partners

  • Additional long-term development of other film and TV scripts

  • Financing consideration for future short scripts

Annual Book to Film

The Annual Book to Film Contest is searching for published books (fiction and nonfiction), graphic novels/comics, and short stories that have the potential for film and TV development. Whether you're traditionally published or self-published, we welcome your material with open arms.

We evaluate entries based on concept originality, feasibility for adaptation in the current marketplace, and overall writing talent. Our aim is to find the most intriguing and captivating stories that have the potential to come to life on the screen.

The past successes of this competition speak for themselves. Recently, the adaptation winner Aaron Philip Clark signed with literary manager Zack Zucker of Bellevue Productions. This incredible opportunity came to fruition after our Pipeline executives provided invaluable assistance in developing his winning book, "Under Color of Law," into a compelling TV pilot.

Since 2014, Book to Film Contest has been a trusted resource for authors looking to transition their work into screenplays and pilots. The organizers are passionate about helping authors connect with production companies and open up new avenues for their stories to be transformed into film and TV projects.

The winner and runner-up of this contest will not only receive a cash prize of $5,000, but they will also receive one-on-one assistance from our affiliated executives prior to industry circulation. The dedicated exec team will work closely with the winners and finalists to further develop their project and prepare a compelling script or pitch for the industry.

But it doesn't stop there. Our team is committed to actively promoting and circulating your work to producers and other industry executives for long-term consideration. Additionally, we also consider additional material for circulation or adaptation development, offering further opportunities for your work to reach new heights.

What's in it for Winner and Finalist?

  • $20,000 to winners ($2,500 for each category winner)

  • Immediate circulation to publishers, agents, editors, and other execs

  • Consideration from producers seeking projects for film and TV adaptation

  • Additional long-term review of other books for potential circulation



  • Literary

  • Mystery / Thriller

  • Sci-Fi / Fantasy

  • Romance / Women's Fiction

  • Young Adult

  • Middle Grade

  • Picture Books

  • Nonfiction

A Separate Competition for Unpublished Titles

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