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Why Choose Sweetspire?

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Scraping surface to creating patterns from pieces of rock is the earliest form of human expression. Slowly with time, humans develop more sophisticated ways to document and share valuable information.



Whether it's biographical in nature or a converted fiction, to a full color interior or a black and white manuscript, we are the team to help you towards adequately publishing and ultimately marketing your literature, your human expression.

With our personalised approach to matching services that fit your publishing and marketing needs, you can do an international publication in the comforts of your own home. You are with us every step of the process making sure that as we help you develop your literature, we are able to maintain its characteristic and originality.

You will be working with a team that will hear you at the same time, advise you to allow the flow of creativity that optimistically a market will respond to.


Our mission is to provide our authors the resources to showcase their story with the intention to put in the picture realities, edify what is necessary, entertain the curious, and to enthuse readers of all ages
and backgrounds.


SweetSpire Literature Management is a self –supported publishing company where, every aspiring writer or established author, has the access, information, and tools needed to connect in all aspects with their target audience whatever genre and content to their readers worldwide.

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