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Elizabeth Beaton

The Jewels of Darkness

I am grateful to Sweetspire for their help in relaunching The Jewels of Darkness and for the video interview with Benji Cole.

Staff have been kind, patient, friendly and helpful in steering me through the complexities of the self publishing world. They have been interested in me as an individual too, not just as a client. I recommend them as a company and the members of staff within the company. I enjoy my contact with them. 10/10!!

Danial Kenneth Mason

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Custody: Blood is Thicker than Water

My journey as a new writer have encountered many obstacles in my way, my book Custody “ Blood is Thicker than water”  is a true story based on factual information. It was released in September 2022; this was not entirely satisfactory.  I had a call from Ann Cole from Sweet spire Literature along with Ann and her colleagues, they re-printed my book, they took this to Frankfurt and Asia book fair, they have now released the book in USA and other countries and later this year take this to the London Book fair. 

The dedication and support for my book has been overwhelming and what they promise, they do all at a reasonable and affordable cost, in my opinion this is significant for new writers embarking on their journey to be a writer and hopefully a successful one.

There are many pitfalls for new and established writers and finding the right pathway can be very difficult, I can with out any reservation recommend Sweet spire Literature to assist new and established writers to undertake their literary works and to get this out in the market place. 

I was told the world is your oyster, its how you go about achieving your goals and ambitions is the key to success. 

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