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Shawn Murphy for People of Distinction with Benji Cole

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Shawn Murphy received his bachelor of science degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Minnesota in 1982 while working part-time as a machinist for Ramar Engineering. While working full-time as an engineer for General Dynamics Ft. Worth division, Mr. Murphy completed his Master in Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1985 and his Master in Business Administration from Texas Christian University in 1989. At age 30, he moved to Liechtenstein to run the investment team for PRP Performa Ag and started to study German. He received his CFA charter in 1994 and then started studying philosophy in German. After moving the investment team to Bermuda in 2000, he started publishing his philosophic works in the Bermuda Sun, following the attack on 9/11/01. He published a series of six articles speaking out against the rhetoric that had erupted. The final article in this series was entitled: “We all have the same spiritual ancestry”. After a long pause, following his publication “Origen: Heretic of Prophet” in 2004, Shawn was inspired to write following the stroke of his twenty-year-old daughter, to share with others the wisdom he has gained in his life’s journey that gave him strength in this trying time.

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