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Rahul Manchanda For People of Distinction with Benji Cole

In this latest FOURTH installment in the Deep State Defector series, Attorney Rahul Manchanda brings his most brazen, illuminating and controversial findings to light, guaranteed to offend the powers that be. As a well trained and extremely experienced lawyer for 20 years in Manhattan New York City, the Author never makes statements or claims that can't be backed up by fact, which make his revelations all the more shocking. Indeed, the power structures that be, globally, are getting ready to consolidate their grip on power all around the world, and will have little to no use for the vast majority of the world population. That is why it is absolutely essential that the people of the world wake up before it's too late. Only by becoming aware of the conspiracies and secret cabals around the planet, will the people take back their autonomy, sovereignty, and self-empowerment.

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