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Ron Kempton For People of Distinction With Benji Cole

With a windy pitch, our hero, Ron, gets thrown into the deepest shadows of his own mind. He wanders through the changing terrain of tangled thoughts and feelings. Obsession beats him down and confusion leaves him full of fear, facing “Rage,” one of the many monsters his mind invents. On a lonesome search for his lost inner child, his quest is made more difficult by tormentors, that worry, complain, and fight with each other, becoming more of a burden as the inner struggle becomes strange and intense. Ron confronts panic attacks, fear, and confusion as he fights for the freedom to be a whole person again. Meeting the characters that represent his logic, faith, hope, love, and reason, he finds himself waging a war inside his own mind. In so doing, he must travel to the deepest parts of his thoughts and bring back the “Spectacles of Fear.” Then, finally unravel a riddle that will set him free and bring him to the child he lost to the Blue Willow Voices. “Child of the Heart” Is a story of deep inner struggle and survival in his mind. Battling panic disorder and fear, Ron learns the secret of a riddle that brings love, logic, faith, and hope back into his heart, winning back the piece of himself that he needs the most.

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