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YouTube Advertising

YouTube is one of Google’s widely famous video-sharing websites and has become the second most popular search engine today, next to Google. YouTube is a platform of choice for endorsing a brand online.

Why Advertise on YouTube?

YouTube has over 1.8 billion users and has 26 billion minutes of streaming. Based on research, more content is uploaded on YouTube than on any significant U.S. television show.

Sweetspire’s YouTube ads allow Authors to increase their potential in marketing. For example, YouTube now houses major viral videos and traffic from other social media platforms. Our job is to redirect readers from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to YouTube videos to draw public attention, making a video viral. Therefore, hosting an ad on any viral video or other videos will undoubtedly earn significant revenue.

YouTube has been the most dominant video-sharing website and continues to rise for its sole purpose has always been video streaming.



  • We will create a 20 second video to be advertise on YouTube.

  • Run a YouTube video campaign for 30 days.

  • The ad will appear at the beginning of a YouTube video or in between videos. When a user clicks the book video ad, he or she will be redirected to either the book’s online bookstore page or the author’s book website..

  • We will do audience research to make sure we only target people who are interested in your book.

  • A guaranteed 150,000 to 200,000 impressions with 5,000 or more views per 30 days of advertising.

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