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Sweet Republication Package

Rediscover your previously published book with our Sweet Republication Package. Whether you're republishing it as is, or with additions and corrections, we've got you covered. Our package offers a seamless process, ensuring your book gets the attention it deserves.

  • Cover and Interior Customization: Tailor your book's appearance to match its content and captivate your audience.

  • ISBN Number for Paperback and eBook: Ensure your book is easily identifiable and accessible in both physical and digital formats.

  • US Copyright Registration: Safeguard your intellectual property with official copyright registration in the United States.

  • Library of Congress Control Number: Establish your book's presence in national archives and libraries for wider recognition.

  • Global Distribution: Reach readers worldwide through our extensive distribution network, expanding your book's reach.

  • Amazon Look Inside, Google Preview, and Barnes and Noble Read Instantly: Provide readers with a sneak peek of your book through these popular platforms. With Amazon's "Look Inside," Google Preview, and Barnes and Noble's Read Instantly service, customers can access a limited preview of your book, typically comprising 15-20% of the text. This includes navigation through sample pages, including the table of contents.

  • One Author Copy for eBook: Receive a complimentary author copy of your eBook to share with pride.

Revive your book and let its story shine anew with our Sweet Republication Package. Submit your complete manuscript or provide online access, and we'll handle the rest with professionalism and care.

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