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Supreme Publishing Package

Choose our Supreme Package to ensure a comprehensive, impactful book launch and sustained success in the literary market.

Key Features of Our Publishing Package:

  • Cover and Interior Customization: Make your book truly unique with the ability to customize both the cover and interior design to match your vision and style.

  • ISBN Assignment: Secure your book's identity with an International Standard Book Number (ISBN), essential for global tracking and identification.

  • Paperback and eBook Availability: Cater to a wide audience by offering your book in both paperback and digital formats.

  • Global Distribution:Expand your reach with global distribution through leading online retailers, making your book accessible worldwide.

  • Library of Congress Control Number: Enhance credibility and accessibility with a Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN), increasing visibility in libraries and institutions.

  • Copyright Registration:Protect your intellectual property with copyright registration, providing legal recourse in case of infringement.

  • Unlimited Image Insertions: Bring your book to life with unlimited color and black-and-white images, enhancing its visual appeal.

  • Amazon "Look Inside" and Barnes & Noble "Read Instantly" Features: Allow readers to preview your book with features like Amazon’s “Look Inside” and Barnes & Noble’s “Read Instantly.”

  • 10 Free Paperback Copies: Celebrate your success with five complimentary paperback copies, perfect for promotion or personal keepsakes.

  • Basic Account Creation: Establish your professional presence with ease through essential online profiles,


  • Facebook Page: Engage with readers and promote your book.

  • Amazon Author Center: Manage your author profile and interact with readers.

  • Google Books: Increase discoverability with a Google Books profile.

  • Goodreads: Connect with a community of book lovers.

  • Instagram: Showcase your book through visual storytelling.

  • LinkedIn: Build your professional network and enhance your author brand.

Enhanced Direct Marketing Services:

  • Custom Design Materials: Our design team will create professional marketing materials, including 30 bookmarks, 30 sell sheets, 30 postcards, and an author banner. 

  • Press Release Campaign: We will conduct a targeted press release campaign focusing on both the U.S. and your local country to increase your book's visibility.

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