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SLM Literary Pathway: Limitless Partnership

Who says writer's can't go through a more traditional route of getting publicity?

While the scene is known for aspiring writers going gung-ho and getting things done themselves, even handling their marketing campaigns, they can sometimes go at it solo!

Sweetspire Literature Management's Literary Pathway provides limitless partnerships with literary agents around the world. Our services give authors a much-needed helping hand whilst retaining full ownership of the copyright. You call the shots and oversee the marketing procedures.

The service gets you closer to the experts, there is no filtering, and allows you to experience the nitty-gritty so you will learn first hand. With this transparent guidance, you save time and effort and focus on going after consorts that can help specifically with your book genre.

The SLM Literary Pathway: Limitless Partnership aims to help authors' leaning towards traditional publishing. Publicists are to find literary agents and/or agencies to which authors can connect. It goes hand in hand with online advertisements and social media marketing to catch up and surpass traditional counterparts.



  • Procurement of 5-10 Literary Agent list with complete details and genre-specific Individual Requirement (30 Days)

  • Creation of personalised letters and materials quested by the literary agent (done upon submission)

  • End-of-campaign report of materials submitted (Per Book Title)

  • Literary Agent responses and review



Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Other restrictions may also apply.

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