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Mary Elizabeth Beaton

Author of " The Jewels of Darkness"

I am grateful to Sweet Spire for their help in relaunching The Jewels of Darkness and for the video interview with Benji Cole.

Staff have been kind, patient, friendly, and helpful in steering me through the complexities of the self-publishing world. They have been interested in me as an individual too, not just as a client. I recommend them as a company and the members of staff within the company. I enjoy contact with them. 10/10!!

This book is about love, beauty, God, and the soul, a spiritual journey of transformation whereby the insights are given into God, Jesus, and Mary, the Mother of God, are like precious jewels. Mary Elizabeth lives in England and is a secular member of the Order of Carmelites Discalced.

Interview with Benji Cole for People of Distinction


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