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Knowing Why People Buy Books 2/7

On the first blog, we identified that knowing where our book meets a particular person's needs is essential. Now we will b able to understand what triggers a reader to buy books.

2. Most readers buy of urge or impulse.

Impulse buying is an off-the-cuff, unexpected decision to buy. According to research, emotions plays a significant role in rigger impulse buying.

When a reader sees a book and decides to buy it, one of the essential factors is the book cover. Book covers play a very vital role in book marketing. Make sure that your book cover entices people's attention and makes them want to own it. You could never go wrong with an enticing book cover and an intriguing title. Using these simple ways, whether they are browsing online or physical, you are confident that your book catches their attention and triggers their emotions to create an urge to buy immediately.

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