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Knowing Why People Buy Books

Masses of books are published and purchased every year, may it be online of in a physical shop. However the ones that thrive are those authors who have better understanding of their audience and what makes a certain reader buy their books. Getting a better understanding of why people buy books and what are the factors of their purchasing decisions helps each author of their book marketing strategies. Addressing both a reader’s logical and emotional impulses to form a connection, leave an impression, and, ultimately, capture the sale.


1. Each Book Meets a Need

We buy things that meets our needs, may it be food, clothes, furniture’s or gadgets, we buy them for a purpose.

Books are no different. People buy books to meet a certain need, that need is usually for them to learn something, personal goals and development or for entertainment.

Let’s consider how often people think about books against how often they think about personal challenges they’re facing or might be facing. Human as we are, we always think of the things that solves our problem first, or probably something to learn, something to improve ourselves and things that would entertain us rather than books. This will change, if author will show buyers how reading their books help them address the things mentioned above, authors will most likely to increase book sales and revenue. The secret is to point to your potential reader and give them an assurance that your book provides a solution and an answer to their needs. As an Author, you need to think deeply on what are the things that your books offer and make sure that your future reader’s know how your book could fill a specific need to them

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