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Updated: Oct 22, 2021

You have completed the most daunting task of being an aspiring writer, you have now successfully published a book!

So what’s next?

Quantifying your readers and potential book market is basic and a required task for book selling. The world population is not a target audience, that’s why a goal-oriented publishing and marketing plan is vital. Creating this plan is not a solo act. It’s like in film, to create a blockbuster, credits do not just go to one person, it goes to a lot of people. so if you know of a bestselling book, behind that bestseller is a team of creative professionals that unite as one to help produce ideas that will workout ultimately to push the book to its highest form.

Say you’ve written a book about “A life of an Alcoholic. How do we quantify your potential market? Considering the high sensitivity content of the book, we split your readers into categories. Using this technique, you are not just thinking of alcohol addiction, but you are also able to identify to people who are in facility care, not limiting your area to just alcohol addiction. With this mindset, we can now expand to not just helping to spread awareness of alcohol addiction but other forms of addiction as well. Therefore creating more awareness and enhance book value.

This way, we are marketing to people, not just the affected groups. By quantifying smartly, we are not just able to recognize the target market but the potential people who can learn from the book. Thinking outside of the box is essential because by that, we allow readers to see it in the writers perspective. We may possibly be able to help them think in the writers shoe. Publishing and marketing when planned properly can uncover your books hidden value.

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