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Google Advertisement Display


Today, there are over 2 million Google partner websites and apps on the Internet, the largest display network with a fantastic reach of 90% of users on the Internet.


Take your online marketing to a new level with Sweetspire Literature Management Google Display Network. This allows you to position your book on a selection of Google and its affiliated websites targeting your potential readers worldwide.


Google has over 2 million partnered websites; the service gives you a guaranteed increase in advertisement with more chances of being viewed by your readership specifically targeting parameters such as age, language, audience interest, keywords, topics.


  • It allows authors to advertise on different websites that are partnered with Google.

  • It allows targeting people by location, age, language, audience interest, topic, and keywords.

  • It targets internet users because of their internet activity. RETARGETING

  • For diversity, using different formats of images for other display advertising networks.


  • Create image ad banners with images and text to be used for advertising in different display network platforms.

  • Run a display campaign for 30 days which will be shown to different google partners.

  • Increase book visibility and traffic to their website.

  • Doing audience research to make sure we only target people who are interested in your book.

  • A guaranteed 1 Million impressions per 30 days of advertising.

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