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Facebook Advertising

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Facebook is now one of the most influential and popular marketing platforms on the planet. Known as the social giant, Facebook has grown to more than 2.7 billion active users, and it’s also expanded its advertising network to suit a broad range of target audiences.


A ton of the benefits of advertising on Facebook are apparent, but doing this type of advertising comes with a lot of complexities. Sweetspire’s Facebook Advertising Advance covers all of these complexities; A Social Media Manager will walk you through and assist you in reaching more new audiences.



  • It helps authors increase their (book) visibility online instantly by reaching millions of social media users on both Facebook and Instagram WORLDWIDE without doing all the manual posting and without the need to have a lot of followers.

  • It allows them to repurpose their existing content such as Book Trailers, websites, radio and TV interviews and more. 

  • It helps authors drive more traffic to their website and get more engagements on their social media pages.

  • Allows them to have specified targeting by only showing the contents to people who are likely to be interested in their book.



  • We will run an ad campaign for 30 days. This will be shown to people on Facebook, Instagram, messenger, and stories

  • We will set up 2 campaigns. 1st is the carousel campaign to generate 1.5M – 2M impressions and the 2nd one is the engagement campaign to generate page likes and page engagements

  • Page maintenance ( consistent posting of at least twice a week) page will be managed by Social Media Manager ( Lifetime Assistance)

  • Get instant 1.5 million – 2 Million impressions (Guaranteed).  This mean that their book will be shown more than a million times to different social media platforms.

  • Get more page likes.1000 page likes guaranteed at the end of the 30-day campaign. 

  • Get more people to engage in their social media pages

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