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Editing Services

Editing puts a fine-tuning on your manuscript. It makes writing more flawless and brief. A good edit is also about avoiding embarrassment when promoting your book; often, readers tend to leave harsh comments about typo errors and grammar lapses. Even the best and traditionally published writers in the world have their manuscripts edited several times.

Editing can be targeted at refining the overall arrangement and value of the manuscript, and all writers need an extra set of eyes to catch typos and anomalous untidy sentences. There are different types of Editing depending on what your manuscript needs, including:



Basic Editing (per-page rate) – Basic Editing corrects light grammar issues, including the eight essential parts of speech: verbs, nouns, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, and determiner usage. Editors will also correct the spelling and punctuation; editors will also look for repeated and omitted words and improper word usage (which does not include formatting).








Proofreading + Basic Editing ( Advanced) - This level identifies issues with structure and mechanics like run-on sentences, tonal shifts, clichéd words, wording, pacing, dialogue, flow, and tense corrections. Most Issues are corrected, and others are identified with suggested fixes.

You also get a full proofread, so you will have proofreading (grammar) and Editing (structure) corrections to review.








NOTE: Estimated complete editing delivery is 6-8 weeks depending on the work queue. Editorial Evaluation is a requirement before opting to get a full editing service.

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