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Cover and Interior Customization

When you publish a book with Sweetspire, our dedicated design team will work with you—combining all your ideas in one design may it be photos, sketches or graphics—our job is to create an incomparable book cover that stunningly represents your book's content.


Our Front Cover Guidelines:

When designing your book's front cover, our design team include the book's title, subtitle (if any), author name(s), along with graphics needed to create the cover artwork.

Here are your graphic options for creating your custom full-color cover:

  • Combination of images, free of charge.

  • Submit your ideas and/or sample graphics – you may submit designs that you would like our design team to incorporate.

  • We provide Custom Cover Illustration option available. An option personally created by our illustration team so there is an additional fee.

  • Sample graphics and other illustrations that will only be used as ideas or guidelines for the cover can be submitted in any format.


Custom Interior Lay-out

The custom layout service will make your book interior look professional. Our design team will create an interior lay-out suitable to your book genre following quality standards that aid in the success of your book.


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