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Advanced Booktrailer


Turn your book into a moving picture to gain the attention of new readers with our Advanced Booktrailer Service. Captivate audiences in a powerful and engaging way with combined professional audio storytelling, still images, music, and video clips related to your book story.

Repurpose your Booktrailer by posting your book video on social media sites and personal websites where you can draw and engage your audience on a level they can’t ignore.

Our Advanced Booktrailer Service will include the following features to help you promote your book online:

  • Creation of a custom-made promotional book video, approximately 60 to 90 seconds in length

  • Two live-action video clips

  • Web streaming capability

  • Professional storytelling through voice-over by a professional actor

  • Distribution of your video to YouTube and Vimeo, in order to maximize exposure

  • Imagery includes complex design, such as lighting effects, 3-D space, visual effects, and motion graphics


A copy of your Booktrailer will be provided to you so that you can repurpose the materials for marketing and other avenues.

Revisions: Sweetspire will have unlimited minor revisions at no additional cost as long as Author did not provide their final approval yet.

Minor Revisions:

  • Script revisions (so long as no final approval is given yet)

  • Changes in font size and font styles

  • Corrections or additions to book and author information

  • Changes to audio levels

  • Images and Video changes

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