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Whether it's biographical in nature or a converted fiction, to a full color interior or a black and white manuscript, we are the team to help you towards adequately publishing and ultimately marketing your literature, your human expression.

Our Services

Publishing with Sweetspire

Sweetspire Literature Management packages give you the whole thing you need to achieve your publishing goals, merging most powerful tools and services to help you create an expert-quality book. We pair our superb designing, marketing and top-notch editing features to get your book the attention it deserves.


Standard Package

Release your book quickly to a worldwide audience with our Standard Package.

Supreme Package

Our best-selling package, Supreme ensures that your book will be ready for professional reviewers and readers

Star VIP Package

Prepare your book for success with our Star VIP package with all services included from our Standard and Supreme packages

Marketing with Sweetspire

If you are looking to become a successful professional writer and have self-published, marketing is a necessity. Each writer’s goal is to release a book that others will read, you have to build your name, credibility and self-promote it.  For many writers, this is s struggle, It certainly takes a lot of preparation, knowledge, and marketing. Sweetspire Literature Management will help you create marketing campaigns that will help you get your book out to the world...and go into the minds, hands and hearts of your future readers.

Elizabeth Beaton_edited.jpg

Mary Elizabeth

I am grateful to Sweetspire for their help in relaunching The Jewels of Darkness and for the video interview with Benji Cole.

Desmond Beer.jpg

Danial Mason

There are many pitfalls for new and established writers and finding the right pathway can be very 
difficult, I can with out any reservation recommend Sweetspire Literature to assist new and established 
writers to undertake their literary works and to get this out in the market place.

Old Man Sitting

Robert Myer

As someone who is a novice about publishing and marketing, Sweetspire's Team has guided me all throughout the process..


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Black and White Publishing

Boy Without a Home.png

Full Color Publishing


Ready to find out more?

Whether you need help with Publishing or Marketing, Sweetspire Literature Management has wide array of services that you surely need.

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