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People of Distinction

Al Cole and Benji from CBS Radio Interview Services


Benji Cole is an awesome Los Angeles Actor and Filmmaker who has shared the acting stage with super-star Tom Hanks. Benji is now adding to the success of Al's World-Class “Al Cole from CBS Radio Interview Services”.

Benji is a superb professional interviewer personally trained by Al Cole himself, and is now the full-time Host of Al's premiere interview show “People of Distinction”. The excellence that Al Cole has offered for years to his guests, Benji Cole now offers too. PLUS, Benji provides an addition to this superb interview a 4K Resolution Video Interview.




  • Preliminary Interview

  • 15-20 Minutes Recorded Radio Interview

  • Automatic Inclusion to Spotlight

  • Interview will be aired through of Apple’s iTunes Radio

  • Network (Professional News/Talk) featuring CBS Radio, Fox News, NPR, & C-Span.


  • Preliminary Interview

  • 15-20 Minutes Recorded Video Interview conducted via Skype or Zoom

  • Automatic Inclusion to Spotlight

  • Can be viewed through Vimeo and YouTube

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