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People of Distinction

Al Cole and Benji at CBS Radio Interview Services: Elevating Your Storytelling Experience

Meet Benji Cole, an outstanding Los Angeles Actor and Filmmaker, with a stage presence that has graced alongside the legendary Tom Hanks. Benji is now an integral part of Al's World-Class “Al Cole from CBS Radio Interview Services,” taking the reins and introducing a new dimension to the acclaimed “People of Distinction” interview show.

Why Benji Cole Stands Out:

  • Professional Interviewer: Personally trained by Al Cole, Benji Cole has evolved into a superb professional interviewer, ensuring the legacy of excellence continues.

  • Host of “People of Distinction”: Benji is the full-time host of Al's premiere interview show, offering the same level of excellence Al Cole has delivered to his guests for years.

  • 4K Resolution Video Interviews: Adding a touch of modernity, Benji brings forth 4K Resolution Video Interviews, enhancing the visual storytelling experience.

Radio Interview with Author Spotlight:

  • Preliminary Interview: Engage in a 15-20 minutes recorded radio interview, laying the foundation for your narrative.

  • Automatic Inclusion to Spotlight: Your interview automatically becomes part of the Spotlight, gaining visibility across Apple’s iTunes Radio Network, including CBS Radio, Fox News, NPR, & C-Span.

  • Extensive Reach: Benefit from a professional news/talk platform, amplifying your message to a broad audience.

Author Video Interview:

  • Preliminary Interview: Immerse in a 15-20 minutes recorded video interview conducted via Skype or Zoom, capturing the essence of your story.

  • Automatic Inclusion to Spotlight: Your video interview takes center stage and can be viewed through Vimeo and YouTube, expanding your reach.

  • Visual Impact: Leverage the power of visuals to create a lasting impression on your audience.

Ready to showcase your story to the world? Join Al Cole and Benji at CBS Radio Interview Services for an immersive interview experience that transcends traditional boundaries. Your narrative deserves the spotlight, and we're here to make it shine.

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